USA visa for journalists and media representatives

I-visa for media representatives

USA visa for journalists
For representatives of the press and broadcasting such as journalists, reporters, editors, and people of comparable employment who want to travel to the US for work purposes are particularly suited to the I-Visa. The I-Visa is issued only to media professionals working for a foreign media company.

Unlike other non-immigrant visas the applicant does not need to show that he retains residence abroad during his US stay. The US stay is basically not limited to a specific time. Media representatives can live and work in the US as long as they meet the appropriate conditions, esp. working for a foreign media company in the journalistic field.

Alternatives to the I-Visa
It should, however, be held in mind that an I-visa is only an option if the activity to be pursued in the US is primarily for information and not for entertainment. For these then the O-visa or the P visa is suitable.

In principle, the e-visa, H visa or L visa may also be considered for media representatives, provided that the respective requirements are met. However, even if a film or video with an entertainment character is shot, no B-1-in-lieu-of-H-1B visa can be applied for if the abstract requirements are met.

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