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Attorney Mueller-Lehnert grew up in Bavaria (near Regensburg) with three siblings. In 2013, she completed her law degree at FriedrichSchiller Universityin Jena,successfully passing her first state exam after eight semesters.


Her career path in law led her to a federal ministry in Berlin later on, where she worked on the executive management team and the press division.


She then moved on to complete her legal preparatory training in the Higher Regional Court of Brandenburg, the district court (for the civil chamber and the chamber for medical malpractice), the Neuruppin district attorney’s office, as well as for the police commissioner’s office in Berlin.


After successfully passing her second state examination in 2016, she joined a business and tax consulting firm in Berlin to work as defense attorney and director of the legal department before finally deciding to dedicate her career to her original legal focus and passion as an entrepreneur.

Attorney Mueller-Lehnert has directed the admissions office of the Berlin Bar Association since 2017 while also defending clients across Germany, especially in the legal areas of labor, family, inheritance, real estate, corporate law, and civil law.


Consultation is also available in English and French.


Berlin Bar Association
Senate Administration for Internal Affairs


Additional Education and Training:
Mediation law (extrajudicial dispute settlement); in-court interrogation and inquiry; in accordance with Section 15 of the Specialist Lawyers Act (FAO):
Insolvency Law 2017:“Self-Managing Bankruptcy”
Commercial Criminal Law 2017:“Newest Developments”


German, English, French, Spanish


Other Skills, Training:
Musical Education (Piano, Chorus)

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Lecturer at HWR Berlin

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Private Law – General
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Labor Law

Family and Inheritance Law

Commercial and Corporate Law

Music Law

Tenancy, Real Estate / Property Law

Fiscal Law