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A dream of many all around the world is to live in Florida, the so called Sunshine State and one of the most popular an most travelled places worldwide.

Florida’s tourism industry was responsible for welcoming 137.4 million visitors in 2022, the highest number of visitors in the state’s history! In 2021, Florida visitors contributed $101.9 billion to Florida’s economy and supported over 1.7 million Florida jobs. The number of people moving to Florida from July 2021-July 2022, nearly 444,500 people moved to Florida, which compared to the previous year was a gain of 185,000, the largest year-over-year impact of residents moving. Florida also ranked as #1 in domestic migration, #2 in international migration, and #1 with the most people moving in per day at 1,218.

While some might want to invest in real estate and have a vacation home here to rent out to tourists all year round (as Florida has 12 months of beautiful tropical summer), others go all the way in and immigrate to the United States and make the Sunshine State their home permanently.

Either way, it is necessary to make a lot of research and have the right realtor at hand who is widely experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about finding your new home and making your dream come true!

Experience also matters in Real Estate deals. Dr. Victoria Pando is an expert of 23 years of experience in the field. Born in Colombia and educated in Mexico City, she holds a degree in Dentistry from Javeriana University in Bogota, Colombia. After a successful career as a Dentist, she decided to move to the United States with her 2 sons to pursue the American dream. Having a dentistry background, Vicky is a people person. She quickly found a new calling in the Real Estate market since July 2000, and success soon followed. She became a Real Estate Broker in the States of Florida and Texas, in order to provide her clients a more complete service. Vicky works at UNITED REAL ESTATE MIAMI, specializing in Residential Real Estate and finds single-family houses, condos, townhouses and other real estate properties to invest for her international clients. She is bilingual and speaks English and Spanish and is committed to providing an excellent service tailored to the needs of her individual clients. She serves not only in Miami Dade, Miami Beach, Broward County or any  neighbourhood areas but can help you all over Florida in the dream of purchasing and selling your home.

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