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The Lead Attorney Vera Zambrano (formerly Mueller) founded her own first law practice in Berlin, Germany, at the age of 28 and after only 2,5 years afterwards she expanded her legal practice internationally with a focus on national and international law,

  • in particular German and International Private Law,
  • German and International Music Law,
  • German and International Family Law,
  • German and International Criminal Law
  • German Tenancy and Real Estate Law
  • German Employment Law and
  • International Tort Law (USA – Germany), accidents and incidents


The law firm’s legal team is international. The employees are highly qualified in the different areas of law. The team can be reached 24/7 by telephone and e-mail as well as in-person with a scheduled appointment. We schedule the first legal consultation within 12 hours for our clients. The team speaks German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian and Ukrainian.

In any other languages we work with our certified translators.




Networks and Memberships:

Berlin Bar Association
International Bar Association
German-American-Business Chamber of South Florida (GABC)
Berlin State Department for the Internal Affairs
German Federal Ministry of the Internal Affairs
German-American Lawyers’ Association


Advanced training:

Mediation law (out-of-court dispute resolution)
Interrogation and questioning in court
Psychology of interrogation methods
Self-administration in insolvency
The latest developments in business law
Developments in international family law

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English-Speaking Attorney at Law

Lecturer at HWR Berlin

(The Berlin School of Economics and Law)

Private Law – General
and Special Civil Law

Labor Law

Family and Inheritance Law

Commercial and Corporate Law

Music Law

Tenancy, Real Estate / Property Law

Fiscal Law

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