US-Office – MIAMI, Florida

US-Office – MIAMI, Florida

Attorney Ms. Vera Mueller can be contacted in addition to the office in Berlin from the end of March 2019 with a second contact office in Miami, Florida:


8950 Southwest 74th Court Suite 2201

Miami, FL 33156 United States

Phone: +1(305) 328-9556


Team in Miami
Mr. Fernando A. Perez, Ms. Kaithleen Jackson, Dwayne Coleman und Isaac Wright are available as well.


Jobs and Career
We keep growing! Please send applications along with all the necessary paperwork (curriculum vitae, university certificates, additional qualifications, etc.). to:


International Relations
(USA – Germany)


Attorney Ms. Mueller is specialized on legal advice and representation esp. in private law, tenancy law, condominium law and international family law and looks after both individuals and companies with a binational connection (Germany-USA).As complex as the range of German-American relations in various forms both private and business may be, so is the legal activity tailored to your own personal situation.

Rechtsanwältin Vera Müller Lehnert. Kanzlei in Berlin

Are you an US-citizen and are affected by a German legal matter or a pending lawsuit before a German court and require legal advice and / or representation in English? Or are you a German citizen living in the US and need competent legal assistance in correspondence with your local American counterparts to carry out proceedings in Germany?


But in all other cases with a German-American connection I am at your disposal with other cooperation partners and US colleagues on site. We build up another contact bureau for our US clients in Miami, FL.


Personal consultation appointments can only be arranged in advance by e-mail or telephone. Of course, Ms. lawyer Mueller also works directly with your lawyer on site or with you personally to find a suitable solution strategy for your problem.


A transatlantic representation should not fail because of too high a costs and fees. That’s why Ms. lawyer Mueller attaches great importance to an attractive and transparent cost structure and also offers hourly rates in addition to flat fees. Contact us, we are happy to assist and represent you!

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