The costs of legal consultation and representation act principally in accordance with the legal provisions of the German attorney fee legislation (RVG). These costs are based upon the value of a specific claim and the judicial services (in- or out-of-court) necessary to solve a case. In the case of matters that are exceptionally extensive in terms of time and content, we will discuss and arrange an hourly fee.

Are you insured for legal expenses?

If you or your spouse are insured for legal expenses, please provide me with your insurance information (insurance number, duration) beforehand.  I naturally work with legal insurance providers cooperatively.  I will gladly prepare a reimbursement claim for you to submit to your legal insurance provider free of charge.  Your insurance may cover the entirety of the legal costs and related charges.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation I will gladly provide you with a professional assessment of your legal situation and brief you on the next possible steps of the procedure.  A flat rate of €190,00 (plus 19% VAT) is charged for the first consultation.  A written legal opinion can be obtained for as little as 250,00€ (plus 19% VAT), independent of the legal area.

Describe your case to me today so I can provide you with the best possible representation. If you are not able to reach me right away due to the large amount of appointments I have outside of the office, you will be called back within a short period of time.


Costs of Divorce

Do you have questions related to separation support, child support, post-divorce spousal support or are in need of further clarification regarding your rights under family law? Contact me today via phone or email.

Online Divorce Calculator

Calculate the costs of your divorce in advance. (Exact calculations are only possible when all information on a specific case is provided).