(International) criminal law

Are you a suspect of a criminal offense and have already received mail (hearing request) from the police department or the state attorney´s office? Or are you called as a witness and do not know whether you should testify or if it could lead to an incrimination of yourself? Or are you the victim of a criminal offense and would like to participate as a party in the proceedings or have your claims sued before the civil court? The law firm of Ms. Lawyer Vera Zambrano & Team (née Vera Mueller)  (in cooperation with specialist colleagues for criminal law throughout Germany) works in that field of practice.


In particular one focus lies in the area of international criminal law especially in the case of a European or international arrest warrant as well as all extradition and deportation proceedings (international, including in particular Germany – USA). In quite a few international countries that differ significantly from German criminal procedural law and are not implemented according to the American model of the so-called fair trial, extraditions and deportations can lead tro the fact that neither a comprehensive, fair legal criminal procedure, compliance with the rights of the person concerned and all available legal remedies, decent conditions of detention are still guaranteed. There are numerous defense strategies here which, in respect of the rapid legal developments at European and international regulatory level (European Convention of Human Rights, EU Charta of Fundamental Rights, international agreements) are constantly evolving and can be used effectively. Cross-border cooperation and intensive exchange with investigative authorities and embassies abroad are also part of the regular legal representation.


If you need advice, representation or defense, please contact the law firm immediately. You will receive a binding response here at short notice.

(International) criminal law

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