Claim from maintenance title enforceable in the US?

In principle, no international agreements exist between the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States with regard to the mutual assertion and enforcement of maintenance claims.

The United States has not acceded to the United Nations Convention of 20 June 1956 and the Hague Convention of 15 April 1958.

Even if there is a German maintenance title it is therefore necessary to bring an action before the court of the respective US state namely to recognize the German title in order to obtain an American title from which the foreclosure can then be carried out.

In order to facilitate legal action in the US the petitioner may file his claim with a court having jurisdiction over his residence. The court forwards the request for maintenance to the competent court of the other federal state where the stay of the obligated party is presumed.

An application is filed with the competent district court over the US states New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut which have all declared a reciprocity to the German law. Central offices for the assertion and enforcement of maintenance claims

US state of New York
New York State
Office of Child Support Enforcement
Interstate Central Registry
40 North Pearl Street, 13th floor
Albany, New York 12243
Tel .: 518-474-9092
Fax: 518-473-1643

US state of New Jersey
Administrative Office of the Courts
Probation service
Interstate Central Registry
Attn .: Ms. Alberta Wicks
P.O. Box 960

Trenton, New Jersey 08625
Tel .: 609-292-1087
Fax: 609-984-3630

US State of Pennsylvania
Bureau of Child Support Enforcement
Department of Public Welfare
Att .: Ms. Philomena Haick
1303 North 7th Street

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17105-8018
Tel .: 717-772-4933
Fax: 717-787-9706

State of Connecticut
Support Enforcement Division
Central Registry
Att .: Ms. Kate Scordino
287 Main Street
East Hartford, Connecticut 06118-1885
Tel .: 860-569-6233

In advance, it is legally recommended for cost reasons to first contact the youth welfare office. There is the possibility that the youth welfare office approaches the office (for example in the case of deployment within the army in Germany) or also enforced the maintenance claims in the USA.

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