Legal business start-up advice and representation

Total packages of legal business Start-Up consulting and legal representation 

Due to a high demand to our law firm in the legal branch of company formations, start-ups, company expansions and the right choice of law for companies, etc., especially in the past “Corona crisis year” and the considerable economic changes that are expected to last even longer, we have decided to offer various starter and total packages that can be selected from the initial legal consultation to ongoing legal advice and external representation as well as all legal questions in your start-up or company process and thereby provide you with a reliable and individual contact person in our law firm.

1st package: Establishing a GbR (“Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts”)

Would you like to set up a company under civil law called GbR for short? From the beginning of the initial consultation on the GbR contract, the business registration and the preparation of the tax registration form as well as continuous legal advice over 12 months we offer you a special and individual start-up price of 1,490.00 EUR net plus 19% VAT.

2nd package: foundation of a UG (“Unternehmergesellschaft”)

Are you interested in founding an entrepreneurial company (UG)? It is colloquially the “little sister” of the so called GmbH and can be chosen as the initial entry into a company by low start-up capital and limited liability. This is particularly suitable for small start-ups as an entry form into corporate law in order to then switch to a GmbH in the long run. Right from the start we offer you the total package of 1,690.00 EUR net plus 19% VAT with initial legal advice, continuous legal advice over 12 months, the creation and choice of the articles of association, the preparation of the notary’s appointment, the preparation of the tax registration form, the business registration and the answering of your legal concerns all the way there.

3rd package: GmbH and GmbH & Co.KG foundation 

Have you decided reg. the legal form of the GmbH, limited liability company? It is one of the most common and popular company forms in Germany. We are happy to accompany you from the initial legal consultation, throughout the creation and execution of the articles of association, the agreement of the notary’s appointment and the correspondence for tax registration and the business registration as well as the permanent legal advice and clarification for up to 12 months and flexibly beyond that for an individual total package for only 3,990.00 EUR net plus 19% VAT. We act as your representative law firm in relation to all third parties, authorities and partners.

4th package: starting a sole entrepreneurship 

Do you want to start your career as a sole entrepreneur and wish legal advice and representation right from the start? In this case, too, we offer you comprehensive advice and legal representation both internally and externally starting from the initial consultation to ongoing representation for up to 12 months and on request beyond that as well as for all individual steps that affect your sole entrepreneurship. This package is available for EUR 2,590.00 net plus 19% VAT.

Of course, there are a few other types of company that may come into consideration for you and that find tailor-made applications in your individual case. This must always be clarified in a detailed initial consultation with our lawyer in order to inquire about your individual needs and requirements as well as framework conditions and to recommend the best possible legal variant and approach for your business.

Feel free to contact our office at any time, by phone or email.

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