“AI in the music law industry” – Talk with Mr. Vermeulen and Attorney Vera Zambrano

First and foremost it is important to understand what Artificial Intelligence (AI) music really means:

It is any kind of music generated by a medium of a computer or robot regardless of whether information or musical material was previously fed into the medium by a human or not.

The question therefore arises if AI-created music can infringe copyrights of existing music by artists and therefore violate laws and as a consequence be banned and prohibited?

The US Copyright Office (in Washington D.C.) published the decision on March 15th this year (2023), confirming the latest perspective that AI which created music without any human influence or input, cannot be subject to copyright law because copyright in the legal sense always applies when a so called “author” (artist) is creating and this can only be a natural person, a human, not a computer or robot.

The courts have not yet really decided how to determine individual cases because no case has yet to be brought before court proceedings but this is surely only a matter of time. No doubt about it, courts especially in the US will soon have to deal with this question as AI advances in the music world and industry just as quickly as anywhere else….

Talk with journalist Mr. Vermeulen and Attorney Vera Zambrano from Law Firm Vera Zambrano&Team International.