Immigration to United States based on “family immigration visa”?

To immigrate to the US you need a visa which entitles you to permanent residence in the USA. There are different types of visas:

1. Immigration for family members
2. Immigration to enter into employment
3. Immigration via a green card obtained by lot-ticket.

Regarding no. 1:

Family members in the United States who are US citizens or married to US citizens are eligible for so-called immigration for family members. However, such a visa can only apply for who is in a certain relationship with a US citizen, immediate relatives (daughter, sister, parents, spouse of residents with permanent residence permit), in particular. Aunts as well as grandparents, in-laws or cousins are in general not included.

For example, if the person was the daughter or son of a US citizen, immigrating through a family visa would be the simplest and fastest way.

Opportunities: The number of visas issued annually in this category is limited in number.

Regarding no.2:

Immigration as a further variant is considered to be an employment relationship. In general, this requires a specific job offer from an American employer. However, a distinction is also made in this visa variant:

Visa EB-1 – Priority workers:

Preferred employees include persons with special qualifications in the field of science, education, the arts, business or sport. At least 3 out of 10 of the criteria required in the application must be fulfilled.

Visa EB-2 – Professionals with advanced degrees:

The second preference category includes professionals with a university degree and those with special qualifications in the field of science, customer or business.

Visa EB-3 – Skilled or professional workers:

The third category of preference includes graduate students, skilled workers with at least two years’ professional experience and other workers who are in demand in the United

Visa EB-4 – Special Immigrants:

Furthermore, “special immigrants” can apply for a visa of this kind: workers and clergymen working in religious organizations, certain employees of international organizations and their immediate families, skilled workers and employees of the US government and returning residents.

Opportunities: Issuing a work-related visa may be limited in number which increases your chances the earlier you apply for the visa.

Visa EB-5 – Immigrant Investors:

Finally, immigration can be applied for by creating a job for at least ten unrelated people in the United States by investing capital in a new company in the United States. The required minimum capital is between $ 500,000 and $ 1 million depending on the employment rate in the region.

Therefore, if you are self-employed and run your own business, then this immigration option would be the most suitable option.

Regarding no.3:
As another way to immigrate to the US here is the diversity lottery mentioned. This is the opportunity to acquire a green card by lottery.

Opportunities: Your chance of obtaining a green card by lot is just under 30%.

Duration of the visa procedure:

The processing time depends on the individual circumstances of each applicant. It also varies with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Service Center and may takeseveral months. For more information, please contact USCIS.

The general processing time for an immigration visa applied for in Frankfurt, for example, is about five to six months from the date of filing, which is merely a guideline of the American Embassy since the processing depends on the individual circumstances.

Applications will be speeded up if you respond promptly to the instructions sent to you by the embassy and are represented by a lawyer.

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