Newsletter Juli 2024 Update Kanzlei Vera Zambrano&Team: Live auf Fox News und New York PIX11

Newsletter Juli 2024 Update Kanzlei Vera Zambrano&Team: Live auf Fox News und New York PIX11

Newsletter Juli 2024 Update – Erfahren Sie die neuesten Informationen von Kanzlei Vera Zambrano&Team – live auf FoxNews 5 und New York PIX11


Dear colleagues, collaboration partners, former and existing clients as well as new inquirers,


Since our latest Newsletter last month 06/2024 we are delighted to share exciting news with you! Our Lead Atty. Vera Zambrano has been featured again in multiple international and US media outlets in June and recently sat down for FoxNews 5 and New York PIX11 for an insightful interview where she discussed the complexities of navigating international businesses as a company leader despite further growing her family and expecting multiples soon. This is a must-watch for anyone interested in international law and getting expert advice for success internationally.


Watch the Interview

You can watch the full interview on the FoxNews 5 website here: Navigating International Business and Family Law with Vera Zambrano & Associates.

as well as on New York PIX11 here: Moza-Bella: Navigating International Business and Family Law with Vera Zambrano & Associates | PIX11

In this engaging interview, our Lead Atty. Zambrano shares her expertise and provides valuable insights that can help you understand the intricacies of different legal areas. Whether you are a business owner dealing with cross-border transactions and making an international impact for individuals and companies or a client dealing with international legal struggles, this interview is packed with information you will find beneficial and helpful to take the necessary next steps.

Watch Here

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2. The Somoza Show Episode 3: State Court vs. Federal Court System: A Deep Dive with Attorney Vera Zambrano


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3. The Loud Whisper Takeover Podcast: Intellectual Property Essentials for Artists: including AI and Events

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4. Legal Mastermind: International Law and Leveraging Content for Global Reach

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5. Legal Corner Podcast: The European Union

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6. Authority Magazine (Medium): Top 5 Mistakes Businesses Make Without Legal Counsel


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Last Newsletter 06/2024

If you have missed the last newsletter of June 2024 and want to watch those interviews and media outlets, please check it out at the end of this e-mail thread.


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